Users of any version >= 0.3.1 can upgrade/downgrade to any other version of Qcodo >= 0.3.1, or to the latest "development" or "stable", by using the "Qcodo Updater" command line tool. The tool is located in the _devtools_cli or cli directory of your Qcodo installation.

Upgrading from Qcodo 0.3.x to 0.4.x? Be sure and read the Wiki Page on it for more information.

Current Stable Version

Currently performing a Qcodo build...

Current Development Version

Currently performing a Qcodo build...

Older Qcodo Releases

Older (Beta 1 and Beta 2) releases of Qcodo are no longer available online. If you need them for whatever reason, feel free to contact Quasidea Development.
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