Qcodo 0.4.15 Released

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#1  |  Mike Ho (San Diego, CA) United States of America Qcodo Administrator
Tuesday, May 18, 2010, 2:19 PM PDT

Hey Qcodo Community!

I am happy to announce the latest DEVELOPMENT release of Qcodo 0.4.15.  This incorporates a LOT of changes and fixes.  And thanks sooooo much to everyone who has contributed.  I think this release has the largest number of contributors to date (both in terms of numbers of contributors, number of commits, and number of issues/bugs closed).  Keep it coming!

And for those of you haven't contributed yet, I think it has become abundantly clear that by far the easiest way to contribute and get your code committed to the core repository is by signing up for GitHub and providing links to any commits you want to have reviewed and committed to the core Qcodo repository.  GitHub also has the ability to “invite others to pull from your branch”, which is another easy way of letting everyone know about your commit.

Anyway, in terms of this current release, please see the changelog for more information.

Please note that there are some MINOR breaks to backward compatibility with this release:

  • The ERROR_LOG_PATH is no longer used.  It is now using _ERROR_LOG_ instead (see configuration.inc.php-full for more information)
  • You will need to add a new _TEST_CASES_ and _QCODO_LOG_ directory constant as well (see configuration.inc.php-full for more information)
  • There was a fix to the naming convention for many-to-many object associations. Assuming the following table structure:
    create table project (

    create table project_category (

    create table project_projectcategory_assn (

Prior to this release, the above would incorrectly generate a method in Project labeled Project->GetProjectCategoryAsCategoryArray().  This release fixes the incorrect naming, and the method would now be Project->GetProjectCategoryArray().

Also, note that because there is a change to the codegen templates, it is recommended (although not required) that you also re-run codegen as well.

With the large number of changes here and with additional fixes/changes hoped for by the next stable release, I don't anticipate this going to stable right away.  But please do test and provide feedback so that we can get any/all fixes in place and in time for our next stable release.


#2  |  tronics (VIE, AUT) Austria
Wednesday, May 19, 2010, 6:07 PM PDT

Thank you this is awesome :)

#3  |  Mike Ho (San Diego, CA) United States of America Qcodo Administrator
Tuesday, June 1, 2010, 11:23 PM PDT

I've updated Qcodo.com as well as the examples site with the v0.4.15 release.  Please post if you see / encounter any issues.  Thanks!

#4  |  kingwithin (San Francisco, CA) United States of America
Monday, June 7, 2010, 9:06 PM PDT

Can we have some kind of commentary to help make a distinction and decision between these releases and Qcubed?  

It really is difficult that we've made a decision on a platform that has now forked and we're in this situation...I see some releases coming on this side as well as the others and not a clear spot.  If there is a distinction, can we put it into the wiki where it is easier to find?

Thanks much.

#5  |  Mike Ho (San Diego, CA) United States of America Qcodo Administrator
Monday, June 7, 2010, 10:35 PM PDT

This has already been answered and discussed in the other post you had posted earlier, here -- and the responses refers to posts here and the wiki here.

If there's anything else that you need clarification on, you should definitely comment on the forums post or the wiki page itself.

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