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QView qview This package adds support for table Views. It is a new package that works with the new 0.4.20 release. It will allow you to create a view in MySQL >5 and use a datagrid or metadatagrid to show the table data. I have very simple needs for this, so I haven't gone in depth on expanding the functionality. Once the file is posted I will setup a forum thread for discussion. Assumptions I have made: No Create support No Delete support No Relationships(foreign keys) No index support As of right now. This first release only has MySQLi support. Adding MS SQL shouldn't be too hard. We just need to find the query that returns the MSSQL views and test it. Jan 02 2011 11:35 PM
admin admin A modification of the codegen to turn into an administrative environment to a default site. some features * login * Upload fields (when the suffix column is _fla, and its a varchar type) run www/install_admin.php - to complete installation Sep 04 2013 01:44 PM
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