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Sometimes, Qcodo Developers will encounter an issue where a Qcodo-based page will not generate any error, HTML or message.  It will simply bring up a blank page.

The likely cause/reason for this is that an error that occurred somewhere in your code or in your setup, but the error wasn't gracefully handled or reported on by PHP's Output Buffer.

A lot of Qcodo's view and controller approach takes advantage of PHP's output buffer, so by default, Qcodo will turn on output buffering.  So when an issue occurs where Qcodo simply generates a blank page, the best approach would be to disable Output Buffering, this allowing PHP to more easily report on the error/issue that has occurred.

To disable Qcodo's Output Buffering, simply add the following line of code to your custom QApplication.class.php file:

    protected static function InitializeOutputBuffering() {}

This will essentially disable Qcodo's ability to enable output buffering by default.  If you re-run your page, PHP should be able to generate a message describing the error that is causing the underlying issue you are seeing.

Important!  After fixing the error you are encountering, you should remove the above line from your QApplication.class.php file so that Output Buffering can be re-enabled by default by Qcodo.

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