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Qcodo Changelog
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Qcodo v0.4.22

Released 2011-08-15

  • Packaging for 0.4.22 Stable Release (Mike Ho)
  • Fixed Hash Processing issue with IE8/9 while in IE7 Compatability Mode (Mike Ho)
  • Typo Fix on OB Cleaning in Redirect (Mike Ho)
  • Account for possibly multiple output buffers on redirect (Mike Ho)
  • - ob_clean() is no longer called when no output buffers are running (Ben Roux)

Qcodo v0.4.21

Released 2011-07-18

  • Updated copyright information (Mike Ho)
  • Modified year selections on date pickers to be current time / year dependent (Mike Ho)
  • Minor code cleanup on PathInfo (Mike Ho)
  • Merge pull request #15 from klucznik/cachePathInfo (Mike Ho)
  • fixed wrong property name (apselico, Marcos Sanchez) (Mike Ho)
  • Fix for Issue #83, allowing for explicit NULL override on QListItem Constructor (Gaspar Attila) (Mike Ho)
  • Added comment explaining actionparameter override functionality in QCheckBoxList (Mike Ho)
  • Fixed Email Header DateTime Specification to be compliant with RFC 2822/5322 (Mike Ho)
  • Fixed intermittent QEmailServer encoding issue for Subject line (Mike Ho)
  • Fixed potential xss vulnerability (Mike Ho)
  • Merge pull request #21 from aniccola/master (Mike Ho)
  • added missing optional clauses to gen templates (Andy Niccolai)
  • added postgresql example database. Journaling database example is also included (Marcos Sánchez)
  • fixed Exception call. Use default port number if not provided (Marcos Sánchez)
  • Fixed permissions issue on Log files (Mike Ho)
  • Updated metacontrol template to use new AddItems() method for Type-based listboxes (Mike Ho)
  • Minor syntax and comment cleanup on QListControl and added CountItems() method (Mike Ho)
  • Adding a convenience method to QListControl to add an array of item, or key value pairs like those create by Type tables (Shannon)
  • added QBackspaceKeyEvent (Shannon)
  • typo (Justin Sinclair)
  • Added 'Enabled' property to QListItem to allow for disabled options in select lists. (Justin Sinclair)
  • Fixes errant linebreak on long subject lines in QEmailServer (Mike Ho)
  • Fix to QForm polling to account for ClearPollingProcessor() call in the polling event handler (Mike Ho)
  • add caching to Qpplication::PathInfo() (Zbyszek Czarnecki)
  • Fixed typo in instructions (Mike Ho)
  • Fixed sql syntax issue on QQCustomFrom clauses on queries with joins (Mike Ho)

Qcodo v0.4.20

Released 2010-12-24

  • Marked codebase as stable

Qcodo v0.4.19

Released 2010-12-20

  • fixes (Marcos Sánchez)
  • fix for (Marcos Sánchez)
  • added properties and a SelectedIndexes setter (Marcos Sánchez)
  • cleaner and faster way to check ControlIDs (Marcos Sánchez)
  • deleted static property QErrorHandler:: modification as it no longer exists (Marcos Sánchez)
  • fix missing translation in QDateTimePicker (Marcos Sánchez)
  • corrected translation (Marcos Sánchez)
  • Fix to error reporting bug on QEmailServer class (Mike Ho)
  • Implemented custom left join functionality to QcodoQuery (Mike Ho)
  • Added error attribute viewing on CLI errors (Mike Ho)
  • Implemented custom from and custom node functionality to qquery (Mike Ho)
  • Added DateTime link to linked DateTimeTextbox for QCalendar (Mike Ho)
  • QErrorHandler merge (Marcos Sánchez)

Qcodo v0.4.18

Released 2010-10-17

Qcodo v0.4.17

Released 2010-08-27

  • Implemented DB Adapter for SQLite3 databases (Mike Ho)
  • The adapter must have a connection handler before making a transaction. (Marcos Sánchez)
  • Moved QLinkTarget definitions into _enumerations (Mike Ho)
  • allow setting target attribute in QLinkButton (Zbyszek Czarnecki)
  • Fix to QDialogBox to not lose focus on a child control (Mike Ho)
  • Added full Backtrace logging to QLog (Mike Ho)
  • Implemented enhanced child control handling and managment methods to QControlBase (Mike Ho)
  • Updated cleaned up JS for DateTimePicker (Klucznik) (Mike Ho)
  • Updates to QDateTimePicker to allow for easier customization and better localization (Klucznik) (Mike Ho)
  • RedirectToList page using relative redirect not static path (Zbyszek Czarnecki)
  • small fix to generated metacontrol documentation (Marcos Sánchez)
  • added properties for QRadioButton class (Marcos Sánchez)
  • added properties for QControlBase class (Marcos Sánchez)
  • added properties for QTextBoxBase class (Marcos Sánchez)
  • added properties for QCheckBox class (Marcos Sánchez)
  • Cleaned up PHP Version support, removed dependency on memory_get_peak_usage, and removed deprecated 5.0.x support (Mike Ho)
  • Fix for Issue #53, adding ExpandAsArray support to QuerySingle in codegen templates (Mike Ho)
  • added missing documentation for generated metacontrols (Marcos Sánchez)
  • Small change to QApplication::PathInfo() to allow more flexibility (Zbyszek Czarnecki)
  • Added NoDataHtml support to QDataGrid (Mike Ho)
  • Allow support for multi-valued email headers (Mike Ho)
  • Fix on quoted printable encoding on email subject line (Mike Ho)
  • Refactored QEmailServer, added support for sending raw messages (Mike Ho)
  • Added NoDataHtml support to QDataGrid (Mike Ho)
  • added PHP 5.3 error types (Marcos Sánchez)
  • Added missing data model images to examples repository (Mike Ho)
  • Added support to link QImageControl and QFileUploader and improved caching performance (Mike Ho)
  • Allow QCalendar to trigger any blur or change-based events on its linked datetimetextbox (Mike Ho)
  • small fix in translation files (Marcos Sánchez)
  • updated es.po translation file and added es_ar.po file for Argentina (Marcos Sánchez)
  • modified CheckRemoteAdmin method to work also on other loopback addresses like (Marcos Sánchez)
  • set  to false when closing connection (Marcos Sánchez)
  • modified formatting to follow qcodo standards (Marcos Sánchez)

Qcodo v0.4.16

Released 2010-06-09

  • Improved meta-databind approach for MetaDataGrids
  • Cleaned up error handling for DataGrid Html parsing
  • Fix to error handling override with updated error handling callback
  • Switch to default originating ip address of
  • Reassigned qcodo global callback methods as PHP callback variable type
  • Fix for Issue #63, adding error handling support for CLI scripts
  • Added sysname support to SQL Server (Neel Basu)
  • Updates to date time translation
  • Fix to QEmailTextBox to allow for non-required validation
  • Fix for wrong path to spacer.png (klucznik)
  • Fixes for errors in examples (klucznik)
  • Missing translation in QDateTimeTextBox (klucznik)
  • Day names translation in QDateTime (klucznik)
  • Added ConvertToCamelCase method to QString
  • Added cancel upload and downloadurl functionality to QFileUploader control
  • Hash processor now uses native event when possible and fires sooner on (klucznik)
  • Fix to URL Hash Processing to prevent explicitly naming QForm as parent
  • Small QLog fix (klucznik)
  • Added new test file QTypeTest (marcos)

Qcodo v0.4.15

Released 2010-05-18

  • QEmailServer Quoted Printable encoding fix (klucznik)
  • Improved QEmailServer email address validation routines (klucznik)
  • Implemented QEmailTextBox control (klucznik)
  • Translation fixes and codegen template cleanup on generated forms and controls (klucznik)
  • Test Cases for QDateTime and QEmailServer (email address validation) (klucznik)
  • Added basic profiling information to QCodeGen results (klucznik)
  • Allow CodeGen to proceed with profiling enabled (klucznik)
  • Fix to QPM Settings location (marcosdsanchez)
  • Added URLHash Processing cleanup in QForm (romcart)
  • cleanup in QFloatTextBox and QIntegerTextBox constructors (klucznik)
  • Added PHPUnit to core Qcodo distribution
  • Added test case directory as a new directory token
  • Added Polling to QForm and Polling Examples page (romcart)
  • Fixed DateTimeZone issue in QDateTime class
  • Added load-by-cursor functionality in ORM generated active record classes (fernandolordan)
  • Fix for Issue #61, fixes to QFileAssetBase
  • Fix to height issue in QDataGridRowStyle (klucznik)
  • Obfuscated password from DB info in Qcodo VarDump
  • Cleanup of QDateTime to account for null date OR null time values
  • Fix for Issue #48, cleaned up $_FORM globalization for QForm
  • Fix for Issue #34, fix to GenerateQueryString to account for multidimensional $_GET values
  • Fix for Issue #58, fixes to DB adapters for updated QDateTime fixes (klucznik)
  • Fixed radio button reset quirk in experimental QFileUploader class
  • Fix to association object relationship name in generated many-to-many associations
  • Implemented QLog for string- and object-based message logging
  • Fix to PDO-based Postgres adapter with PHP 5.3 compatibility (marcosdsanchez)
  • Added GetAllItems method to QListControl (jnedila)
  • Fix for Issue #52, fixing var_export on error dump
  • Standardized on _ERROR_LOG_ and _QCODO_LOG_ directory tokens to match the others
  • Fix for Issue #44, updating codegen templates for better listbox handling on related objects
  • Fix for Issue #33, added QInvalidFormStateException exception throwing if form state is lost or invalid

Qcodo v0.4.14

Released 2010-03-15

  • QFileUploader (experimental) HTML fix and better callback handling
  • Marked codebase as stable

Qcodo v0.4.13

Released 2010-03-10

  • Added index value to actionparameter on server and ajax action calls on qradiobuttonlist and qcheckboxlist
  • Added Callback handlers on file uploaded and on file removed in QFileUploader control
  • Allow for manual override of render method in qcontrolbase and force autorenderchildren to honor change
  • Allow QFileUploader to use reused/existing file assets in the docroot by copying asset to the temp directory
  • Allow translation of months in QDateTimePicker. Added the spanish translation and updated the english file for reference (Marcos Sánchez)
  • Added support for IPv6 localhost on CheckRemoteAdmin method to work also on some server configurations (Marcos Sánchez)
  • Added comments on overriding InitializeAutoIncludes() and InitializeServerSignature() in QApplicationBase.class.php
  • Fixed file input positioning on QFileUploader for all major browsers
  • Added better support for iphone textboxes
  • Fix for Issue #55, added back the web-based codegen tool

Qcodo v0.4.12

Released 2010-02-06

  • Fix for issue #45, FK Calculation in ANSI SQL Parser
  • Corrected order of QControl Validation in QFormBase to validate children before parent
  • Added remove click action and validation routine to the QFileUploader (experimental)
  • Added Examples site to core qcodo source code repository
  • Updated gitignore to keep codegenned files out of qcodo source code repository and for Aptana IDE support (Klucznik)
  • Updated Copyright information
  • Fix for Issue #47, fixing self-referenced static function calls in QApplicationBase
  • Fix for Issue #49, allowing blank space as a value for PK Varchar Fields in metadatagrid
  • Added tooltip functionality as a QListItemStyle to QCheckBoxList and QRadioButtonList
  • Added index value to ActionParameter on server- and ajax-action calls on QRadioButtonList and QCheckBoxList
  • Added callback handlers on file uploaded/removed in QFileUploader (experimental)
  • Allow for manual override of render method in QControlBase and force AutoRenderChildren to honor it in QBlockControl
  • Allow QFileUploader (experimental) to use reused/existing file assets in docroot
  • Fixed setting CrossScripting property in QTextBoxBase  (Klucznik)
  • Added QDataGen class
  • Added support for PDO and PostgreSQL via PDO specifically (Marcos Sánchez)

Qcodo v0.4.11

Released 2010-01-06

  • Added VERY experimental Ajax-based file uploader control (this will need to continue to be iterated upon)
  • Cleaned up URL Hash Processing functionality
  • Streamlined qform registration process on both qcodo.js and QFormBase.class.php

For older changelog items (prior to v0.4.11), please refer to the Archive Changelog.

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