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Calling All Contributors

Qcodo highly encourages everyone in the community to help out the framework by contributing back to the Qcodo community!

There are many ways for folks to help out, regardless of whether you just have a few minutes to help out here or there, or if you have some time and energy to help with a larger task.

The community is actively looking for folks to help out in the following ways:

Submit Bug Reports

Qcodo isn't perfect (yet =)... but well-written bug and issue reports will greatly help get us there

Wiki Gardeners

The Qcodo Wiki is a relatively new feature of the Qcodo website, so we're looking for folks to jump in and start contributing articles, and to also help keep things well-organized and clean.  Remember, everything is backed up and versioned, so feel free and experiment!

Provide Documentation

There are lots of documentation that can always be added in the wiki.  But if you want a more-structured place to apply your documentation wizardry, you can choose to help out with the API documentation on the Qcodo API Online Guide.  Note that because the documentation on the Qcodo API Online Guide will eventually be reverse-built back into the codebase that will be part of the actual Qcodo distribution, meaning that it will be part of the source code, a Qcodo Contributor's License Agreement (CLA) will be required to help with this.  Contact info at quasidea dot com to find out more.

Participate in the Forums

Whether it's helping a newbie with an installation question, or it's working with others on the design and architecture of the next cool featureset for Qcodo, participation in the forums and contributions there are a great help to the overall community, and you're encouraged to participate and post there.

Code Contributions

Whether it's a fix to a specific bug that has already been reported, or it's some new idea that you want to share, the community wants to see it!  The Qcodo Package Manager is by far the easiest way to post your code contributions in a way that can be easily shared by others.  It's also the easiest way for code to be placed back into the core distribution, as well!

Please remember: when making or proposing code contributions, please be sure to strictly follow the Qcodo Coding Standards on the Qcodo wiki.  Any contributions that do not follow these standards cannot be accepted until the code is fixed to adhere to these standards.

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