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Qcodo Roadmap

This is a DRAFT that will hopefully collaboratively
evolve to a real roadmap. Feel free to add to it.

Current Version of Qcodo is 0.4.14

Roadmap to Version 0.5 (aka next release)

  • drop support for php < 5.2.0, previous php versions are more than 3.5 YEARS OLD
  • move QCalendarPopup to optional QPM, it looks really outdated, and doesn't use timezone setting from
  • move QLexer and QRegExp to optional QPM?
  • Create QUrlTextBox
  • Logging - evaluate using Zend_Log
  • Javascript logging - is logger.js needed?
  • remove browser detection on php side
  • rewrite javascript to use feature detection not browser sniffing
  • use xhtml5 (html5 with xml serialization)

Roadmap to Version 1.0 (aka future stable release)

1.) Evaluate Killerfeatures that the whole community is looking for

2.) Improve datagrids to have filters and additional features for exporting data.

3.) Possible Jquery / Jquery UI integration:

  • Controls using JQuery UI ( Calendar, Slider)
  • Rewrite parts of qcodo core using jquery, possible candidates for this are: control_move.js, control_resize.js, control_rollover.js and browser detection
  • Don't touch things that already work well, evolve in steps not rewrite everything
  • Maybe switch from XML to JSON for speed

4.) Increase speed

5.) Php based codegen templates


- Evaluate using
* arrays instead of objects
* evaluate possibility of getting rid of eval() for compability with Hiphop
* other replacement ORM like phpactiverecord/propel/doctrine which can also be code generated through a cool free tool from MySQL Workbench

- Note: making Qcodo ORM agnostic like suggested above will not be a bad thing in terms of quality, and using phpactiverecords for example this is also really a fast thing to do.

The Qcodo Website is an Opensource Project on its own

What is it:
The Qcodo Website is a collaborative CMS/Wiki with user management.
* Great functionality
* Completely built with Qcodo
* It is completely open source, downloadable

Motivation speech:
The Qcodo Website is a great Open Source project on its own.
We just have to market it.
This is where we will catch the community.
Does Zend Framework have this sort of tool: No
Will it take a lot of effort of the framework: No

1.) Add a translation wrapper, we discussed it already this will not be too hard

2.) Transform it into a CMS without Wikifunctions through just stripping it down with default options.

3.) Transform it into a blog with just some Listings added for categories

4.) Make templates and make them freely available

5.) Make one template that totally stands out and use that one for

Social Goals:

1.) Community building


  • Spread the word and write articles on your blogs about Qcodo
  • Assign core team, that is feeling responsible and helps together providing patches.
  • Spread some hype on other sites explaining the framework. Qcodo is perfectly compatible with Zend Framework, that should be elaborated on.
  • Make Videotutorials, vlogs
  • Create small but genius codepieces or small tools and make them downloadable on your website
  • Example make a mashup application Zend Framework and Qcodo. Just a small blog. People will go for it.
  • Link to Qcodo, Twitter, Facebook, Blog it, Go to Ohloh and click use it

2.) Increase adaption of the framework.


  • Explain collaboration through QPM and Github better through short videos that show each step to fix a bug or to contribute
  • Release small applications based on the Qcodo Website code. Example a small website, small blog, a wiki, a forum. Make these downloadable as zip files so it is easy to understand and people will be able to play around quickly.
  • Release a 1.0.1 ;) This is what many people are looking for.

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