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That system might make this pushhWotLK only on DVDhSourceWorld of WarcraftWrath of the Lich King will only be available on DVDnot on CDsThat goes for both the regular box and the Collector s EditionhHunters ChangeshSourceI have some good newsand some bad news.

Firstthe bad newsUnfortunately we won t be able to do the Aspect of the Viper change I discussed yesterday passive instead of reuiring you to attack the target at this time because of technical limitations and its potential to shake up our current balance goals.

Howeverwe will evaluate it as an option for a future patchNowthe good newsAimed Shot This shot will now be instant castits damageeffectcooldown will remain unchangedScatter shot This will now be an 11point Survival talentReadiness This will now be the 21point Marksmanship talent.

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